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Food Safety

We believe that food safety is fundamental to our industry and that our customers and consumers should feel extremely confident and safe with their protein choices. This is why we are committed to an unsurpassed food safety leadership position and unmatched safety processes during the production of our premium protein meal solutions.

Safety begins with our partners and suppliers, whom we insist exceed our robust food safety approvals, remain current in their own safety initiatives, and comply with all regulatory certifications. Additionally, each phase of our production cycle is carefully monitored and protected using advanced safety technology, ensuring our customers and their brands receive the highest degree of safety at every step. Our factory is federally inspected to meet the highest safety standards and we are HACCP and SQF certified.

The result of such stringent and highly executed safety protocols, results in world-class safety innovation and risk management for brand owners. This attention to safe protein production is passed along to consumers, their families, and the generations to come. Rest assured, Belmont represents leadership in food safety.