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Belmont Knows Burgers

TORONTO, Ont. (October, 2016) – At Belmont we pride ourselves on knowing as much about our industry as we do our delicious premium protein products. However, consumer behaviour is ever-changing–how could we possibly know what they want next? The answer is...
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Retail Trends – Part Two

TORONTO, Ont. (August, 2016) – It’s astounding how much information has been written about Millennials and their closely related Gen Z cohorts. GenZers’ affinity with all things digital, from a very young age, gives them an incredibly wide view of the...
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Retail Trends – Part One

TORONTO, Ont. (July, 2016) – Diversity in food products can be seen across the entire spectrum of categories. Retailers are seeking out new product offerings as never before, especially given their desire to build strong relationships with ethnically diverse regions and...
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