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We believe that focusing on the things you do best is the only way to lead. To this, our focus is clear – to produce great tasting burgers at affordable prices with uncompromising quality. This is why our premium meat processing and supply of beef, pork and poultry products remains top of mind with our customers, who include: top retailers, club stores, leading restaurants and foodservice distributors.

As leaders in customization we produce the following premium protein products.

Burgers & Patties Protein Portioning Ground Protein Multiple Proteins
Options: Value Added | Fresh | Frozen | Private label | Branded Product


Our knowledge of the industry gives us enhanced procurement capabilities such as:

  • Dominant role in the North American Protein Industry
  • International network of raw material suppliers and brokers
  • Active in all major foreign and domestic beef markets
  • Experience in the Canadian Cattle Complex – “Hedge vs. the Markets”
  • Trusted Advisors in trend and market intelligence

Our centre-of-plate expertise in portion controlled burger grinding allows us to offer unique customized solutions to meet individual customer needs. We employ the latest technologies in processing production equipment, meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards. Our focus on material sourcing, inventory control and competitive pricing, means we can help expedite initiatives, get to market faster, and build game-changing product programs.

A focus on innovation means we can create personalized products that are made to specification, on trend and ahead of the curve. Our expert butchers hand cut individually portioned protein to exceed industry specifications. By doing so we have literally become “Famous for Beef ®.” We continue striving to become the number one premium protein solutions company in North America.


Pure Beef
✓ Lean 100%  Beef ✓ Lean 100% Sirloin  ✓ Lean 100% Angus Beef

Source Ground Burgers
✓ Angus  ✓ Sirloin  ✓ Prime Rib  ✓  Chuck ✓ Brisket  ✓ Rib/Chuck
✓ Rib/Brisket  ✓ Brisket/Chuck  ✓ ABF Angus  ✓ ABF Angus Chuck

Traditional Burgers
✓ Beef Burger  ✓ BBQ Burger  ✓ Bacon Cheese  ✓ 51% Angus BBQ

Burger & Ground Beef Capabilities

Our trusted advisors lead you through each phase of our burger and patty product development

1. Formulation

  • Fine to Course Grinds
  • X-lean, Lean & Medium
  • Source Grinds:
    • Angus, Sirloin, Chuck, Brisket, Prime Rib
    • Pork and Poultry
    • Antibiotic-free, Hormone-free
    • Grass Fed
  • Visible Inclusion Options

2. Forming

  • Standard Fill
  • Tender Form
  • Home-style
  • Home-style Puck
  • State-of-the-art FORMAX Forming Lines
  • Various Shapes/Sizes Customized to Your Needs

3. Finishing

  • Spiral-air frozen for better moisture retention and greater efficiency vs. gas freezing
  • Available in:
    • Retail Boxes
    • Retail Bags
    • Bulk Burgers (foodservice/wholesale)
    • Bulk Ground Beef