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Retail Trends – Part One

TORONTO, Ont. (July, 2016) – Diversity in food products can be seen across the entire spectrum of categories. Retailers are seeking out new product offerings as never before, especially given their desire to build strong relationships with ethnically diverse regions and emerging markets. We asked Belmont’s Doug Oakey, Vice President, Retail Sales North America, to provide some insight into retail trends. His travels allow him see a broad range of disruptive retail offerings and targeted meal ideas for consumers. In order to fully capture Doug’s thoughts, this will be the first in a series of retail trend reports.

One of the most significant trends that Doug has witnessed is the rise of regional flavour profiles. Doug accurately refers to them as “Flavours of the World.” Hot flavours such as Mojo, Sriracha, Argentinian-based Chimichurri, and Ghost Pepper varieties dominate the retail and food service landscape, as do Asian based flavor profiles. These unique flavours are being used to transform regular food offerings into memorable, destination-defining products. Doug has observed that within a given flavour genre, such as hot, there are subtle to sharp ranges in flavour and style. For instance, the Mojo flavour profile in Florida is significantly different than the Texas-based hot pepper flavours containing more Mexican influence. Retailers are aware of this and are providing consumers with regional-based options.

Doug believes that “almost everyone is a Foodie these days,” and this is driving other retail trends. New food service offerings at restaurants are inspiring people to replicate these dishes at home. Retailers have picked up on this and are providing consumers with products that make it easier for them to do so. As an example, premium protein blends and gourmet style products, such as Belmont’s own premium blend burgers, are being received enthusiastically. Further evidence is in the many licensed brands now offered to consumers from popular restaurant experiences.

Millennials and Gen-Zers alike are and will continue to explore global food experiences just as they are with all retail categories. Check back for Retail Trends – Part Two where, with Doug’s help, we’ll look closer at these fascinating groups and uncover more influential retail trends.

Brian Hircock
President of Raining Communications
Belmont Marketing Group

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