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Belmont Knows Burgers

TORONTO, Ont. (October, 2016) –

At Belmont we pride ourselves on knowing as much about our industry as we do our delicious premium protein products. However, consumer behaviour is ever-changing–how could we possibly know what they want next? The answer is simple–we live, breathe and of course eat, burgers.

Lets begin with the facts. 89% of Canadian consumers say they eat burgers on at least a monthly basis. 37% would like healthier menu options and are leaning towards natural, organic, and fresh options. According to a recent Technomic burger trend report, Angus burgers are most in demand, followed by standard ground beef, then premium cuts such as Sirloin and Kobe. Clearly beef remains the leading burger protein although non-beef options are gaining in popularity at many fast food service restaurants. Finally, the average cost of a restaurant burger is $11.02.

So what does the future hold for this popular menu item and backyard BBQ mainstay? One increasingly noticeable trend is towards bolder flavours. Today, new protein options such as Grilled Pork, Wild Boar, and Turkey are paired with unique condiments such as Aioli, Salsa, Chipotle Mayo and spicy mustard blends. Non-beef burger options such as poultry and other proteins are being found on restaurant menus and in grocery stores. Turkey leads the way, followed closely by Chicken, Bison, Pork and Salmon. Lamb, Lobster and Tuna are also being offered. This does not mean that Beef will go away, but simply that it has the benefit of being part of a fast-growing burger category with many more options for consumers.

Last but not least, the most popular method of getting those delectable burger creations to your mouth safely is in traditional burger buns. However, burger buns today are anything but traditional. Sesame Seed buns and Kaisers are being challenged by Brioche buns and Tortilla bread. Even Texas Toast and Pretzel breads are becoming popular ways to serve burgers.

Whatever consumers crave next, you can bet there will be more innovation, exploration and experimentation with proteins, condiments, breads and all things burger-related. We will continue to bring you more insights in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

Curtis Dool
Director of Business Development & Culinary Expert
Belmont Marketing Group

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