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Feature Story – Goshasp Avari


Food Safety & Quality Assurance Leadership

Food safety, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance are of paramount importance in the food industry. Add to this increasing customer expectations and the fact that consumers are far more educated around food safety and the quality of the products they buy for their families.

Most food companies strive for excellence in these areas and Belmont is leading the charge, with the guidance and leadership of their new Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FS & QA) – Goshasp Avari. With a Ph.D. in Microbiology, Goshasp’s role is to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, SOP’s are correct and full form production matches product specifications. Goshasp brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous FS & QA roles with Quality Meat Packers, Maple Lodge Farms and Jadee Meat Products.

A consultant for the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF), Goshasp is applying her knowledge in this area to Belmont’s continuous improvement initiatives. SQF is a benchmarked standard holder for the Global Food Safety Initiative – responsible for global food safety & quality of food products. Goshasp is spearheading this standard at Belmont, by ensuring that the documentation, procedures, and training, required to develop seamless safety control systems, are in place and easily utilized by all Belmont teams. “We are developing KPI’s to see how we can get better,” said Goshasp when discussing how the systems would be measured and validated. Goshasp is also working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to fully understand requirements and work proactively towards them.


Goshasp’s role further extends into Belmont’s focus on healthier products. “We are making a cleaner deck, and it is more friendly to many more customers and consumers.” Belmont has put an innovation strategy in place to substitute wheat and soy ingredients, therefore reducing allergens and increasing nutritional benefits. This is an immediate opportunity and one very much in keeping with current consumer trends towards health. Goshasp has also been integral to the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that digitally manages the traceability of their products, ensuring that the origins of all raw ingredients can be detected by the product code, lot number and original source. This sophisticated system is another measure Belmont has implemented to ensure the safety of its partners and consumers.

Belmont has securely defined its trusted advisor role in food safety and quality assurance with Goshasp’s incredibly important initiatives. The future of safe protein options for customers and consumers is in good hands.

Paul Roach
President & CEO
Belmont Meat Products Ltd.