Belmont Meats

A message from the CEO

Hi, and welcome to Belmont Meats! We’re glad you’ve decided to visit and we encourage you to have a look at the terrific line of Belmont pure beef burgers as well as the portion steak and roast products we produce. In fact, as you browse, take a moment, close your eyes, and inhale the wonderful aroma that only Belmont custom-produced meat products can bring. We do it all the time…our quality and tastes are, in a word, delicious!

Belmont combines over 40 years of excellent production and formulation experience with the innovation to “meat” your needs today and tomorrow. We invite you to test our experience and culinary skills for your specific tastes. We look forward to serving and delighting you, and I want to thank you for dropping by. Our entire Belmont family looks forward to meeting you in person very soon, and in the meantime, we’ll let our products speak for themselves.
-- Duffy

For over 40 years, Belmont Meats has employed and maintained specific standards of excellence to provide quality assurance and customer satisfaction for each and every order. Our team of qualified professionals is readily available to work with you to ensure we exceed your objectives in quality and value.


Belmont is a premium meat processor and supplier of quality beef, pork and poultry products. We are a customization house that creates solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers crafting each product with a fusion of the finest ingredients carefully chosen to ensure satisfaction. Through our manufacturing expertise in portion controlled steak and burger grinding operations, we have become 'Famous for Beef'®. Just ask our customers. In fact, we strive to be the number one meat company in North America. Our culinary techniques and special attention to detail sets us apart from other meat factories. We invite you to taste and see the difference.

Belmont: A Name Recognized Worldwide Among Meat Companies

Belmont’s name has forged a world class reputation for quality, value, dependability and service over two generations. We are not an ordinary meat company. We do not compromise on quality. Our high safety standards and federally inspected meat factory guarantees consistent and customized products. Belmont Meats is a food safe supplier. Our factory operations and business processes are HACCP and SQF certified. Belmont Meats is a meat company that proudly produces safe, quality, beef protein products one burger and steak at a time. Our focus on innovation and customer feedback and our experience as a quality meat processor will guarantee your satisfaction. We invite your taste buds to be the judge.

There are many meat companies in Canada and the world, but Belmont Meats is different. We are always thinking about the quality of our meat products, employee safety, customer service, and connecting with the community. These are the things that truly matter to us and we will continue to dedicate our time and effort to them.

Using the latest technological advancements for meat processing, our facilities are state of the art, allowing you to get what you want when you want it. By providing a wide array of quality meat products and services, Belmont Meats has the upper hand in comparison to other meat companies as we allow you to customize your orders.

Let us be your first choice when you are looking at retail and restaurant food supplier. There are many retail and restaurant food suppliers throughout the world, and even more meat suppliers to choose from. At Belmont Meats, we are a recognized brand in the industry and are unmatched in both product and service.

“Made to Specification” Word Class Meat Supplier Providing the Utmost Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction means that we aren’t happy until you and your taste buds are. When compared to other meat companies - we are committed to always exceeding your expectations. As a meat supplier of high quality meat specializing in custom product solutions, let us be your restaurant food supplier and supplier for your retail store. We can provide for your variety of needs, such as:

Restaurant food supplier for foodservice:

  • Multi-unit quick service restaurant chain;
  • Casual and fast casual dining concepts
  • Institutional foodservice operations

Meat supplier for retail:

  • Supermarkets
  • Club/warehouse stores
  • Specialty fresh or frozen food stores

Obviously, we didn’t set out to be an ordinary meat supplier; rather, our factory operations are designed for the extraordinary! Our meat products are delectable; exactly the way you like them.

Restaurant Food Suppliers of Delicious Ground Beef Patties

Belmont Meats has been a leading retail and restaurant food supplier for over 40 years.  We’re respected in the industry for providing some of the best quality ground beef patties in the meat marketplace.  Whether you’re in the market for Angus, sirloin, prime rib burgers or quality chuck ground beef patties, Belmont Meat suppliers can work with you to meet your exact needs.  As meat suppliers, Belmont will exceed your expectations for quality, taste and appearance.

Belmont Meats is a trusted restaurant food supplier to some of the biggest restaurant chains in the country. You’ll find our organic meat or grass fed beef burgers at a variety of restaurant chains and retail outlets.  We have strong partnerships with restaurant groups such as Applebee’s and Moxies, and quick service restaurants like Burger King and Dairy Queen.  We’ve built our reputation on our top quality ground beef patties and upscale steak cuts. We provide our customers with a product they can trust.  We’ve also developed a range of specialty meat products and will be pleased to be the certified organic meat or halal meat supplier for your discerning customers.

Heritage Angus Beef

Our Heritage Angus Beef Brand stands by its claim to provide health-conscious Canadians with wholesome beef that is free from antibiotics and hormones. Our Heritage Angus Beef isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the animals and the environment.  The cattle are able to graze freely on the land, living the “old fashioned way.”  We use marginal land that isn’t suitable for most crops for cattle grazing and use land management strategies to keep the land healthy and protect wildlife habitat.  These practices are part of our goal to promote sustainable agricultural practices that will last for generations.

Beef Patties with “Fresh from the Kitchen” Quality

Our beef patties have a lighter and fluffier texture than those manufactured by other meat companies. Belmont Meats natural hand formed texture and broken edges give our ground beef patties the ‘fresh from the kitchen’ homemade look that enhances the appearance of the patty.  No more of the flat, unattractive machine made wholesale meats commonly provided by many other restaurant food suppliers and meat companies.  At Belmont, we provide the most attractive and delicious wholesale meat products available. As a result, we’ve become one of the leading retail and restaurant food suppliers across the country.

Trusted Restaurant Food Suppliers of Prime Rib Burgers

There are a variety of meat companies serving as retail and restaurant food suppliers for dining establishments to choose their supplies from. There is, however, only one Belmont Meats!

Our experienced sales team will work with you to determine exactly what you want and when you want it.  And we’ll deliver your portion-controlled order on time and exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Your customers will find our prime rib burgers look like the home-style burgers mom or dad used to make.  They’re lighter and fluffier than the ground beef patties supplied by many other meat companies. Our prime rib burgers come with ‘home-style’ broken edges and a natural formed texture that many other meat suppliers can’t match with their outmoded equipment, which leaves their ground beef patties looking like ‘manufactured’ food. 

You can count on only the best ingredients in our burgers.  As one of the nation’s leading retail and restaurant food suppliers we make our burgers with top quality government inspected prime rib beef.  This exact combination gives you an attractive, low fat, succulent patty that you’ll be pleased to serve to your customers or guests. Look for our top of the line meat products in some of the better restaurants and in respected food retailers, such as Loblaw’s and Walmart, right across the country.

Belmont Meats: Organic Meat and Halal Meat Suppliers

Retail and restaurant food suppliers and wholesale meat suppliers have had to respond to changes in our dining environment and eating habits. At Belmont, we are innovative and can respond quickly to cultural changes and requirements. We can provide your valued customers with certified organic meat. We’ve also become known as one of the most reputable and consistent halal meat suppliers in the country. 

Our clients and customers on halal diets love our products.  They have told us again and again that many other halal meat suppliers only offer ‘base level products’.  At Belmont Meats we’re committed to providing every potential customer with a wide range of top quality products.  With the most modern equipment and innovative approaches, we are respected as one of the leading restaurant food suppliers, and wholesale meat providers on the continent today.

Looking to the Future

At Belmont Meats we’re proud of our reputation as one of the nation’s most reliable beef suppliers. But we’re not resting on our laurels.  With financial support and dynamic leadership from a respected multinational equity firm that believes strongly in our history, our product and our promise for the future, we plan to expand in the marketplace. 

Belmont Meats offers innovative practices and equipment.  Our team of experienced employees allow us to continue our work as one of the most respected and reliable meat companies in the country.  With our extensive experience and excellent products we plan to continue providing first-rate service and trend setting wholesale meat products to homes and restaurants across the continent for years to come!